Saturday, Shabbat. I use the computer, watch tv, all kinds of things that a lot of Jews do not. This has been a very draining week, and Ithink it’s just caught up with me now. The pain of widowhood and the 3rd yahrzeit for  my mother. The first year without A., although he was in the home for the dat two years….he was still ‘with me’, I could talk to him. I didnt feel alone.

I feel alone.

(thank you, WordPress: my browser closed in the middle of writing this, and I assumed it was gone; no, you had it stored for me. I appreciate that. I really do…..even though I can’t think of how to say what I feel. Sometimes words are inadequate – for me ….. one reason I enjoy graphic novels, and online varieties, such as this one, which I saw courtesy of the Coffee Shop Rabbi

i don’t know if that link will work….Im still figuring out this blog, and I couldn’t get it to paste.

im so fortunate to have had the love of my life, but the flip side of that is the pain of the grief.


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