Broken hearts




Something happened yesterday, which only struck me this morning as deeply symbolic.
I love fountain pens, and inks, and ink bottles, especially reds and greys. I sent for a few bits, including the picture below. A heart shaped bottle of Herbin Rouge Opera, in a silvery tin.
When I opened it – and the tin was sealed, so this must have happened in transit – at first I thought my thumb was bleeding….but, at the top of the bottle, where there is a wax seal, the wax had partly cracked away, allowing a little red ink to seep out. I called the shop, explained, lovely chap, sending replacement, I keep the broken one(still useable, though slightly cracked)
So, that was fine.
It wasnt till this morning that the depth of how symbolic it was sunk in….a red heart, full of red ink, the seal cracked.
A broken heart is what I have….indeed….


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